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Physiotherapy Race Horses Shockwave Therapy Machine

Physiotherapy Race Horses Shockwave Therapy Machine

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    Race Horses Shockwave Therapy Machine


    Physiotherapy Shockwave Therapy Machine


    Pain Relief Shockwave Therapy Machine

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    Equine Treatment
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    Physiotherapy For Equine
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    Focused Transmitter
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Physiotherapy Race Horses Shockwave Therapy Machine

Medical Device Race Horses Relax Machine shockwave therapy machine equine shock wave for horse
Preset Protocols for Smartwave BS-SWT5000 Low Noise Horse Equine Shock Wave Therapy Equipment for Pain
Suspensory Ligament Branch
Collateral Ligaments Of Various Joints
Nuchal Ligament
Muscle triger points – Sciatica, myositis, fibrosis
Chronic Back Pain
Hip And Elbow Dysplasia
Painful Scar Tissue
General Massage
Arthropathy / Cubarthrosis



Descriptions of Low Noise Horse Equine Shock Wave Therapy Machine For Pain Relief

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy or shockwave is a non-invasive technique that uses sound waves to stimulate healing of wounds, ligaments, tendons and bone structures. It is believed that the circulation of blood flow and the growth of blood vessels to the treated area are increased. By doing so, the natural healing factor can then reach the affected area and reduce inflammation and help stimulate healing. In addition to stimulating healing in this way, it also provides some mild, short-term pain relief.


Shock waves are commonly used for suspensory ligament disease, tendon disease, back pain, bone contusion, splint pain, tibiofibular fracture and scapular syndrome. For this type of surgery, the horse is usually a sedative and usually lasts no more than 30 minutes. The treated area is cleaned and a gel is applied to aid in the transmission of sound waves from the transducer probe. The transducer is then applied to the area and a high energy sound wave is emitted. The impact strength and the appropriate number of impulses are determined by the affected area. In general, the deeper the affected tissue, the more pulses and energy are required.


Currently, most racing jurisdictions prohibit the use of shockwaves within 5-7 days of the race.

In addition to proper rest and rehabilitation, shock waves can be a very useful adjunctive therapy in the case of many lameness and orthopedic diseases.

Physiotherapy Race Horses Shockwave Therapy Machine 0

Shock waves have been shown to increase local blood flow with direct cellular effects and activated osteogenic factors. Direct cellular effects include; increased tissue regeneration, induction of new blood vessel development, and increased blood supply. It is also recognized that shock waves provide pain relief. The level and duration of pain relief has not been confirmed. Shockwave therapy is used to treat plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tennis elbow, non-healing fractures and tendonitis.

Up to 80% improvement has been confirmed in tennis elbow and heel spurs.


In veterinary medicine, shock waves have achieved great success under most conditions of the horse:

  • wound healing
  • Navicular disease
  • Tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue injuries
  • Muscle pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tibial stress fracture
  • Bucked shins
  • Impinging dorsal spinous processes (withers)
  • Proximal sesamoid bone fractures
  • Incomplete long pastern fractures
  • Subchondral bone pain
  • Angular limb deformities


How is the treatment administered?

While a veterinary clinic can administer ESWT to inpatients, most practitioners take the therapy to their equine clients. The horse remains standing in his stall and is usually lightly sedated to keep him from moving excessively during the treatment. A veterinarian uses a portable unit to generate high-pressure acoustic (sound) waves. The apparatus is held against the injured area (bone, joint, tendon, or ligament) for about twenty minutes. A typical course of therapy involves three treatments at three-week intervals.


What happens to the tissues treated with this therapy?


While the exact mechanism is not yet known, ESWT commonly leads to improved circulation due to blood vessel dilation in and around the injured area. Growth of new blood vessels has also been recorded.

Significant pain relief is almost immediately evident, although slight swelling and sensitivity may be noticed for a few days. ESWT also has a positive effect on the concentration of transforming growth factor beta 1, which stimulates cell activity. In addition, ESWT influences bone remodeling by thickening the outer layers and strengthening the cell network underlying joint cartilage.



Packaging & Shipping of Smartwave BS-SWT5000 Low Noise Horse Equine Shock Wave Therapy Equipment for Pain

SmartWave BS-SWT2X Non-healing Fractures Treating Protocol is in light weight, less than 3Kg, packed in alloy metal hand case. It's easy to move and protects the machine as well. 



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Smartwave BS-SWT5000 Low Noise Horse Equine Shock Wave Therapy Equipment for Pain

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