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Skin Rejuvenation PDT LED Phototherapy Machine With Two Heads For Reduce Wrinkle Lines

Skin Rejuvenation PDT LED Phototherapy Machine With Two Heads For Reduce Wrinkle Lines

  • High Light

    blue and red light therapy devices


    led blue and red light therapy

  • Light Source
    LED BIO Light With 1080 Diodes
  • Flashing Frequency
    1-3 Hz
  • Combined Light
  • LED Panel Wheeling Angel
    45-135 Degrees Adjustable
  • Control Panel
    LCD Touch Control
  • Timer
    1-99 Minutes
  • LED Panel Height
    Manually Adjusted
  • Power Consumption
    Less Than 150 Watts
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 unit
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    standard export packing
  • Delivery Time
    2-3 days after receive payment
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    500 unit per month

Skin Rejuvenation PDT LED Phototherapy Machine With Two Heads For Reduce Wrinkle Lines

LED skin rejuvenation with two heads light therapy for reduce wrinkle lines

The LED skin rejuvenation is based on the latest high technology and adopts the peculiar mere number in the world conducts technology instead of light  and heat effect . Cooperating the lotus root mixture of high nutrition with special photosensitive composition while treating is helpful to insert the nutrition fast and effectively into hypodermis to be absorbed by the mitochondria of the cell and then prouce the most high-efficiency photochemical reaction-the reaction urged by enzyme so as to raise activation of cell, promote metabolism of cell,make skin secrete collagens and fibrous organization packed by oneself in a large amount and increase biting fungus ability of the leucyte at the same time. So this treatment have the function of repair ,soft skin ,whiten and anti-oxxidant as well as the good effect which can not reach intraditional skin care and it is especially suitable for subhealthy crowd,person with dry or sensitive skin and the patients suffering from neural numbness of face or convulsion.


  • Red Light Therapy–(620 nm to 700 nm) Red light has the unique ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, where it can stimulate collagen production , rejuvenate the face, encourage cellular repair, and boost the circulation to the face so that the complexion appears more youthful and vibrant. Red light photo facials are used for reducing scarring, wrinkles, deep lines, and evening out the skin tone.
  • Blue Light Therapy – (405 nm to 420 nm) Blue light in this wavelength range has proven to have highly powerful bacteria fighting properties. Moreover, this light can kill P. acnes, one of the primary acne causing bacteria, meaning that it can be a very effective treatment for mild to moderate acne conditions. Blue light photofacials can also help to stabilize oil glands, ease inflammation, and purify the skin.



  • Anti aging and eradicate fleck without pigment refulgence.
  • Reduce wrinkles ,lift face lifting ;desensitization,red nose,acne and telangiectasia treatment.
  • Heal up the injured surface after the plastic and surgery.
  • Repair the sensitive skin due to tattoos, the injured skin caused by the laser or photons surgery.
  • Instantly remove the tiredness,relax the body ,and ameliorate the dormancy
  • Regulating incretion ,ovary care,breast lifting and enlargement
  • Absolutely ameliorate nerve coma on the face and convulsion
  • Effective scurf riding ,prevent from hair falling off ,nourish hair and speed up the hair growing 


Light Source LED BIO Light with 1080 diodes
LED Light red/blue/yellow
Light wavelength




Flashing Frequency 1-3 Hz
Combined Light red+blue,blue+yellow,red+yellow,all
LED Panel Wheeling Angel 45+135 degrees adjustable
Contril Panel LCD Touch Control
Timer 1-99 minutes
LED Panel Height manually adjusted
Power Consumption less than 150 watts
Power Specification AC220V/50Hz
Cooling System Air cooling system