• Zimmer Physical Therapy Shock Machine Acoustic Shockwave Medical Device
  • Zimmer Physical Therapy Shock Machine Acoustic Shockwave Medical Device
  • Zimmer Physical Therapy Shock Machine Acoustic Shockwave Medical Device
  • Zimmer Physical Therapy Shock Machine Acoustic Shockwave Medical Device
  • Zimmer Physical Therapy Shock Machine Acoustic Shockwave Medical Device
Zimmer Physical Therapy Shock Machine Acoustic Shockwave Medical Device

Zimmer Physical Therapy Shock Machine Acoustic Shockwave Medical Device

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
Brand Name: Miniwave
Certification: CE, FDA REGISTED
Model Number: BS-SWT2X-S

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiated
Packaging Details: Aluminum hand case with shaped foam for ESWT Shockwave Therapy Machine
Delivery Time: Within 3 working days after we received payment of Miniwave ESWT Shockwave Therapy Machine
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Cash, Alipay
Supply Ability: 100 units/month
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Detail Information

Product Name: MINIWAVE MAX Cordless Professional Shockwave Therapy Device Medical For Pain Relief Miniwave Version: Miniwave Max
Miniwave Shockwave Applicator Weight: 0.6Kg Energy: Pro Version: 10 – 190mJ, Stepping 10mJ
Frequency: Pro Version: 1 – 21Hz, Stepping 1 Hz Pulse Mode: Continuous
Output Channel:: Dual-channel Output, Max 2 Applicators Connected Transmitter For Miniwave Pro: 6 Fully Alloy Made Transmitters 6mm / 15mm B /15mm U / 15mm F / 25mm / 36mm
Miniwave Applicator Lifespan: 2 Million Shots Or More Miniwave Transmitter Lifespan: 300K Shots Or More
Control Panel On Main Unit: Finger-swing Touch Control With OLED Screen Control Panel On Applicator: 5-buttons Panel With OLED Screen
Pre-set Protocols: Over 90 Preset Protocols On Miniwave APP For MINIWAVE PRO Packing: Aluminum Hand Case With Shaped Foam
Bluetooth: Yes, Available On Pro Or Max Version Application On Mobile Device: Yes, Available On Pro Version
High Light:

Zimmer physical therapy shock machine


Miniwave Max physical therapy shock machine


Acoustic shockwave medical device

Product Description

Zimmer Shockwave Therapy Machine / Acoustic Shock Wave Medical Equipment

Efficient, Easy, Mobile
Shockwave therapy is a multi disciplinary device used in orthopaedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology and veterinary medicine.

A shockwave is a purely mechanical wave, not an electric one. The Shockwave therapy treatment initiates an inflammation-like condition (pro-flamatory) in the tissue that is being treated. The body responds by increasing the blood circulation and metabolism in the impact area which in turn accelerates the body’s own healing processes.
The shockwaves break down injured tissue and calcifications. Shockwave also call as ESWT, Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, was first introduced into clinical practice back in 1980 as a treatment for non-invasive lithotripsy. However, in the last two decades, it has been used as a method for musculoskeletal disorders and the stimulation of bone growth. Thus, the shock waves are used for the treatment of various orthopedic conditions including plantar fasciitis, shoulder tendinopathy, elbow tendinopathy, patellar tendinopathy and Achilles tendinopathy. ESWT offers two main advantages over traditional surgical methods: fewer potential complications and a faster return to normal activity.

There are basically 4 different way to produce the 'shock wave', which, without getting technical about it are - spark discharge; piezoelectric; electromagnetic and pneumatic (or electrohydrualic).


  • Ports for two handpieces
  • Control by finger-touch screen or panel on handpiece or APP on smart phones
  • Rich software features in the APP
  • Indication menu with treatment protocols and favourite private programs
  • Full alloy made transmitters
  • Energy from 10 to 190 mJ (comparable to 0.25 - 5 Bar)
  • Pulse frequencies from 1 to 21Hz
  • Comfortable shockwave pulses
  • Ultra-thin silicon cap with little energy loss
  • High mobility
  • DC battery cableless mode for outdoor use (MiniWave MAX only)

​Bluetooth connection with cellphone facilitates the advanced users to define pre-set treatment protocols, and operate the machine remotely on mobile devices. Value-add functions include client info and treatment history management, operator management and rental system. Users can define their own pre-set protocols via easy-to-use APPs on mobile phones.

Zimmer Physical Therapy Shock Machine Acoustic Shockwave Medical Device 0Zimmer Physical Therapy Shock Machine Acoustic Shockwave Medical Device 1Zimmer Physical Therapy Shock Machine Acoustic Shockwave Medical Device 2Zimmer Physical Therapy Shock Machine Acoustic Shockwave Medical Device 3Zimmer Physical Therapy Shock Machine Acoustic Shockwave Medical Device 4
Benefits of Miniwave Shockwave Therapy include:

  1. Fast pain relief
  2. Mobility restoration
  3. Accelerated tissue repair and cell growth
  4. Non-surgical
  5. Non-invasive

Specifications for Miniwave Shockwave Therapy Machine

MINIWAVE Parameter Basic Version Pro Version
Energy 10-150mJ, totally 9 levels 10-190mJ, stepping 5mJ
Frequency 1-14Hz, totally 9 levels 1-21Hz, stepping 1 Hz
Pre-set protocols 5 pre-set protocols, programmable More than 40 pre-set protocols, customizable
Bluetooth None YES
APP on mobile device None YES, Available for Android & IOS
History records management None YES
Operator management None YES
Rental management None YES
Main unit dimension 200 (width) x 230 (length) x 78 (height) mm
Main unit weight 1.27Kg
Applicator dimension 210 (length) x 50 (diameter) mm
Applicator weight 0.6Kg
Pulse Mode Continuous
Output channel Dual-channel output, max 2 applicators can connect together
Transmitter 6 fully alloy made transmitters 6mm / 15mm B /15mm U / 15mm F / 25mm / 36mm
Applicator lifespan 2 million shots or more
Transmitter lifespan 300K shots or more
Control panel on main unit Finger-swing touch control with OLED screen
Control panel on applicator 5-buttons panel with OLED screen
Foot pedal 360 degree foot pedal as optional accessory
Firmware upgradable Yes, via SD card
Power AC mode: Max.250W, AC110V-240V, 50/60Hz
Cordless DC mode: External Lithium-ion battery
*Battery is optional accessory, not included by default
Fuse F5 AC250V, 3A
Packing Aluminum hand case with shaped foam, with carton outside

FAQ for Miniwave Shockwave Therapy
Is there a situation or condition where Shockwave Therapy cannot be used?
Shockwave Therapy is not advised:

  1. Over or near bone growth centre, or until bone growth is complete
  2. When a malignant disease is in or near the treatment area
  3. Infection in the area is to be treated
  4. Over ischemic tissue in individuals with vascular disease
  5. For patients who have coagulation disorder or are taking anticoagulant medications
  6. For patients who have a prosthetic device in the area to be treated
  7. If the patient has a fetus in the treatment area.

How many sessions of Miniwave Shockwave Therapy do I need?
Effects start to occur after just 1 session. Most patients will notice a significant improvement in their pain symptoms & recovery within 3-4 sessions & a full treatment course is approximately 12 sessions. Your Physiotherapist will likely combine this with other modalities of treatment to give you the best outcome.
What does Miniwave Shockwave Therapy feel like?
People may experience mild discomfort during the treatment. As the area becomes desensitized, the initial discomfort typically fades as it is being treated.
How is the Shockwave treatment performed?
The treatment is noninvasive. First, a gel is applied to the treatment area. Second, an applicator is applied and manipulated to release pressure waves over the affected area. Treatment sessions typically last 5 minutes, but this can vary depending on the area(s) and condition being treated.
What type of results are expected?
Beneficial effects are often experienced after only one or two treatments, and many patients report immediate relief. The technology has a 91% success rate as per clinical studies.
What are the possible side effects?
Treatment with Shockwave technology has virtually no side effects. In some cases, patients may experience minor discomfort for a few days. Patients can return to work after treatments and in most all cases there is no downtime.
Who is a candidate for Shockwave therapy?
Most people are excellent candidates for Shockwave treatment however patients who are pregnant, have a pacemaker or current cancer are not suitable for treatment with Shockwave Technology.

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